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FAMILY Wheel of Fortune

FamilyNumber of WordsTotal Number of LettersFirst Word Letters
Adopted Children Are Chosen Children5327
Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus4185
Blended Muti-Colored Family3247
Bob & Ziggy Marley3143
Brother-In- Law2129
Brothers & Sisters2158
Charlie & Martin Sheen3187
Cher & Chaz Bono3124
Chris & Liam Hemsworth3185
Chris And Liam Hemsworth4215
Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher4266
Donnie & Marie Osmond3176
Donnie & Mark Wahlberg3186
Elle & Dakota Fanning3174
Fidel & Raul Castro3155
First Cousin2115
Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson4206
Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson4206
Grandma Olive Oil3157
Groucho Harpo & Chico Marx4217
Hillary & Chelsea Clinton3217
Jada Pinkett & Willow Smith4224
Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal3204
James & Josh Brolin3155
Jenny & Melissa Mccarthy3205
Jerry & Ben Stiller3155
Joel & Ethan Coen3134
Kathy Bates Stars In Misery5235
Kirk & Michael Douglas3184
Lee Grant & Dinah Manoff4193
Madonna & Lourdes Leon3187
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen3198
Mat "King" & Natalie Cole4203
Matt & Scott Thomas3154
Mother And Son3126
Naomi & Wynonna Judd3165
Naomi Wynonna & Ashley Judd4225
Nat “King” & Natalie Cole4203
Nat King & Natalie Cole4183
Neices & Nephews2136
Older Brother2125
Patrick & Shaun Cassidy3197
Peter & Bridget Fonda3175
Peter & Jane Fonda3145
Shirley Jones & Shaun Cassidy4247
Tennis Stars Serena & Venus Williams5306
Tennis Stars The Bryan Brothers5276
The Neville Brothers3183
The Sunshine State3163
The Wright Brothers3173
Tia & Tamera Mowry3143
Trey & Jada Smith3134
Trey & Jaden Smith3144
Twin Sisters2114
Venus & Serena Williams3195
Venus And Serena Williams4225
Will & Willow Smith3154
Zsa Zsa & Eva Gabor4143

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